Human Mind: Unlocking Your Potential

human-mind-unlocking-the-potentialCandice McCain is a teacher at heart, but a life long serial education entrepreneur by choice.  Over the last 10 years, Candice has launched an afterschool tutoring program, written several curriculum for non-for-profits and private education companies/consultants, and authored her own FLY Math curriculum which is presently being adopted en masse.  She’s a bonafide education entrepreneur who’s got the experience, credentials and successes to prove her worth.

With new pursuits and boundaries to push beyond always looming on the horizon for Candice, she has already begun laying down thefoundation for her newest endeavor, and that is to give other Educators a platform to share, collaborate, and connect with one another on strategies aimed at unlocking the potential of the human mind through her start-up magazine imprint, Outside The Classroom.  

In this issue, we sit down with Candice, one-on-one, to discuss how she envisions her magazine can help all educators all unlock their potential.

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Xpert Magazine - December - Issue 03
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