Millennial Entrepreneurs

millennials-20-something-entrepreneursSome are calling it the era of the millennials or in a more dramatic way, The Rise of the Millennials.  Which ever way you prefer, one thing is for sure, millennials are re-writing the rules of engagement.  Whether it’s in business, fashion, music, politics, work/life, or  what it truly means to be an entrepreneur, they are confidently confronting old traditions and boldly challenging the status quo.  And I must admit, looking pretty darn good doing it too.

Do they have staying power or is it just another fad that the older generations will soon dismiss with a simple, “I told you so”?  Either way, this new breed of entrepreneurs are changing the business landscape, and as well the society at-large all with one thing in mind, a better future.

In this issue, we go in deep with 20 of these Millennial All-Stars and listen to their stories and advice to the world of non-believers.

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October 2015 Issue 02
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