Nigerians & South Africans Taking Charge

nigerians and south african leading the next business boomNigeria and South Africa are two of the leading nations within Africa that seem determined to not be satisfied with just being the runaway leaders of Africa in business, but now are pushing for a permanent leadership status among the rest of the world.

Scarred by generations of colonial imperialism and inner-fighting amongst tribal factions, Nigeria & South Africa seem to have founded a new motto – Getting Down To Business, Now.  With sluggish GDP gains and in some cases, negative growth marring both Europe and the west, some see this as an all an important time to capitalize on the new found position Nigerians and South Africans find themselves in.

In this issue, we will feature 4 leading entrepreneurs who are changing the business landscape in both Nigeria & South Africa, and the world.

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Xperts Magazine - April 2016 - Issue 06
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