To master the craft, one must first find their passion

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Do the one thing you feel most passionate about. And if you’re no good at first? Try again. And again. And again. Until those sparks of determination, of perseverance, of passion, light your path to greatness.  This has been the path chosen by those that we, today, look upon with much reverence.  Steve Jobs, Maya Angelou, Chris Burke, Bethany Hamilton, A.G Gaston, Nora Jones,  Richard Branson and Antonia Coello Novello are just a few of the names that remind us that stepping into your own greatness requires nothing more than passion as your fuel (your WILL) to cultivate the world you had long envisioned in your mind when no one knew of your greatness.

Our greatest calling is just that. It is the act of stepping into those shoes and walking on that path.  Those that do it best have learned to ignore the distractions coming from within and, of course, without.

….I don’t have the resources
….I’ve never done that before
….What will people think
….I don’t believe I can do it

And, If you were any good, someone would have noticed you already – right? WRONG.

Consider this –  trees are made stronger by stronger winds and to become great, you too, will have to embrace the winds of doubt, of negativity, and of jealousy to stand tall.

Recently, our staff attended a concert and were amazed by 7 singers who shattered barriers, overcame doubters and distractions to transform their passions into true mastery. Their performance defies any words that can truly capture their brilliance and achieved greatness.

I encourage you to watch the video and ask yourself, what’s keeping you from your greatness?

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