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What’s your dream car?

posted on July 18, 2015 / IN Auto / Design / 0 Comments

If you stopped 10 people to ask them what their ‘dream car’ is, you’d probably get 10 different answers. The reason for this is that your dream car is really a reflection of your inner values and to a larger extent the expression of those values by way of your personality.

If you ask a follow up question like, “Why is that the choice for your dream car?” Most answers would center on style, speed, power, luxury, etc.  Very few would focus on the utilitarian value of the car because buying a dream car, at its very core, is an emotional experience.

So it comes as no surprise that car commercials are, by and large, fiction designed to elicit an emotional response. Shiny cars adorned with giant pretty red bows perched on top, surrounded by a snow covered picturesque backdrop or roaring through the Mohave Desert sand with masterful precision and wide-open throttle or gliding almost effortlessly on a lonely freeway devoid of traffic while showcasing a sophisticated suite of driving maneuverability.  Those are the visualizations or dreams that appeal to our emotional psyche that in turn, drives car sales.

In much the same way advertisers have successfully tapped into our desires, becoming an expert who can confidently, authentically and persuasively connect with an audience requires that you too learn to deliver your expertise/knowledge in a way that touches hearts.

In the very end this is the unseen magic that moves people to buy, make decisions, and to act.

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